About production

The production (packing) of snacks includes the following stages of the technological process:

  1. The operator manually loads the products into the receiving hopper, then the product is transported to the weighing machine by special conveyors.
  2. The weighing machine weighs each portion of the product for packaging in accordance with the standard and the weight indicated on the package.
  3. The weighted portion is unloaded onto the packaging line, where the portion enters the prepared package from the packaging material.
  4. Before sealing the seam in the bag, food nitrogen is supplied, which allows to ensure the necessary shelf life of the product.
  5. Weighing and packing equipment operates synchronously, with a speed sufficient to ensure the planned production volume.
  6. Packaged bag with snacks goes to operators who manually fold the bags into cardboard boxes.
  7. Boxes with snacks are stacked on pallets and delivered to the consumer