About the manufacturer

Unimaster Agro is a young Kazakhstani company working in the sector of production, storage and processing of agricultural products. The company has its own farmland, a production base (a plant for processing agricultural products, production of chips) with modern vegetable stores, its own artesian well with clean water, used for water supply and watering vegetables.

The company produces a line of products that are referred to as quick and easy products, so-called "snacks" - chips from natural own potatoes, crispy roasted corn, beans, peas, nuts (mixes) produced under the Master Snack brand. All products are 100% natural, without GMO, preservatives, carcinogens, nitrates and other chemicals.

The company produces snacks, unusual for the Kazakh consumer before the first tasting. Having tried once the crispy corn and beans Master Snack, lovers of snacks become her fans.

Unimaster Agro has been operating since September 22, 2014. For three years of activity the company not only reached the project from production, including its own products from Kazakhstani raw materials, but also created an extensive sales network. Soon, products in the form of fried Spanish corn and beans, as well as potato chips under the brand Master Snack will be presented everywhere throughout the territory of Kazakhstan.

About the distributor

The distribution company "AINTEC" has exclusive rights to sell products of the company "Unimaster Agro", produced under the brand MasterSnack. The company "AINTEC" has in its arsenal trading warehouses in the city center, its own delivery service, a trading team operating in Almaty and Almaty region and a dealer network in Kazakhstan.